It’s a simple process upfront. And yet it might just save you thousands of dollars worth of damage in the event that an unfortunate – and unexpected – catastrophe occurs.

Ready Preparedness

When disaster strikes, simply having a restoration company’s phone number on hand is not enough. A ready preparedness program is designed to make you aware of the level of exposure your condominium, commercial complex or residential home is subject to. More importantly, your chosen restoration company knows exactly what they need to do ahead of time in order to curb damages and mitigate losses.

The Action Plan

Knowledge is power. And in this case, it’s time too. When your restoration company is already familiar with the specific risk points of your property, a plan can be properly developed and supported. Fast action is easy when a plan is in place and intact.

The Floods4Less Code Blue System

At Floods4Less, not only are we concerned with how quickly we can respond, but also with how we can ensure that you, your employees and your family members are safe before we get there. Our proprietary Code Blue System covers:

  • Emergency action steps
  • Advanced warnings
  • Main utility shut off locations
  • Insurance contact information
  • Building access information
  • A complete property overview and analysis

When you choose Floods4Less for your ready preparedness program, you instantly become a preferred status customer, which guarantees that in an emergency, our teams are dispatched to you first.

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