How to organic google search for Restoration Company in you area!

Learn how to spy on your organic and paid search competition I hope everything is going well with all of you and that you’re having a great time navigating at It’s time to introduce to you one of our most popular tools on the platform – Competitor Research. This is the tool that will boost your effectiveness and do all the hard work analyzing data for you. It’s packed with tons of information on your competitors’ SEO and PPC strategies. You can make an analysis of any domain to find out:

  • the amount of their organic and paid traffic
  • the keywords they rank for
  • most popular keyword ads and the ads they test
  • how much they invest in advertising

Or you can check certain keywords that you are interested in to see:

  • keyword popularity
  • the full list of competitors for this search query
  • which competitor pages rank higher for these keywords
  • the list of all historical advertisers and their most popular and effective ads for these keywords
  • similar keywords to expand your research

Read our guide on how the tool works, and give it a go! If you have any sort of questions, be sure to write in the comment box below. Have a great day!

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